PC Magazine stiffed me

Not too long ago I purchased a computer system from New Egg. When I got to the checkout screen I was given the option to get a free subscription to PC magazine; a $10.00 value. I knew from experience that PC magazine really is not a good magazine for me. It’s packed with ads and questionable reviews. Most importantly I’m just not their target audience because I’m beyond that level of geekdom.

I was surprised to see that you could get the $10.00 refunded to you provided you filled out a form and mailing it with your New Egg receipt. I did this and was careful to include all of the required items listed on the form. Today I got a letter from PC Magazine telling me that they could not honor my refund request. They didn’t state what they claimed I had forgotten to do but claimed that I had forgotten something.

It is possible that I forgot something but I think it’s very unlikely. I find it far more likely that they are simply not honoring the refund. It’s not worth fighting for $10.00 and they know that. In fact I didn’t keep any record of the refund offer because I knew when I sent it in that it wasn’t worth a fight. If I got the refund I would be pleased.

No refund from PC magazine but at least I don’t have to take the time to discard their terrible publication each month either.

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