Slapd bug in Debian unstable

I grew rather frustrated with slapd this weekend. I installed slapd using apt-get and then attempted and ldap bind on the admin security object that should have been created. The bind kept failing. Like an idiot I kept re-running dpkg-reconfigure slapd expecting new results. Finally I found a post to a mailing list (I’m sorry, I didn’t keep the link, I’ll try to be better about references in the future) that indicated that this is a bug in the post-install debian scripts for slapd. The workaround is to enter the rootdn and rootpasswd items in /etc/ldap/slapd.conf. An example would be something like:

rootdn cn=admin,dc=home,dc=lan
rootpasswd {SHA1}thisisnotarealpasswordhash

To generate a real password hash run slappasswd. Once I did that I could finally work with the ldap DB.

I’m really surprised that there isn’t a nice system for adding users. The adduser script is pretty specific to a flat file based approach. I’d like to see something similar to PAM but for user account maintenance. If I get ambitious enough I’d like to start a project like this. I’m not the first to think of this but I’ve not found any good implementations yet.

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