Tcl Doxygen filter updated

I’ve posted an updated Doxygen filter for TCL code. I fixed a number of bugs related to OO extensions for TCL. Upon a users request I’ve also included a Doxyfile (doxygen config file) that works with the filter. From this point on I’m going to call the program tcl dox.

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2 Responses to Tcl Doxygen filter updated

  1. TomH says:

    Hi there,

    I try to use your nice tcl-dox under winxp. I use Eclipse with the eclox (doxygen plugin) an with your example files it works like a charm. (i build tcl-dox under cygwin)
    But when i create my own tcl-File it wont work. It seems to have problems with recognizing the EOL. Even when i only put the header-part (##, # @author lala etc.) in the file it wont get extractet correct… what does tcl-dox expect? unix – linefeed?

    greetings and thx anyway for tcl-dox


  2. greg says:


    You are on the right track about line endings. Tcl-dox uses flex to generate C code which is then compiled as tcl-dox. Flex uses ‘$’ to denote end of line which differs depending on where you compile it. What is happening, I think, is that cygwin is configured to use UNIX line endings on your system and so when tcl-dox was compiled it is looking for UNIX line endings.

    I should be able to modify tcl-dox to work with both n and rn. In the meantime try converting your tcl code to UNIX style line endings. Most decent text editors can do this or you could use `tr`:

    tr -d ‘r’ outfile


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