I’ve never been completely satisfied with an email client. The one I liked the best was Eudora version 3-dot-something. Since then I’ve used many other versions of Eudora (light). When I switched to Linux I couldn’t use Eudora anymore so I switched to Netscape Mail. That was quite bad. Eventually I started doing colo and hosting my own domain. When away from my desktop I was using pine. Eventually I migrated to mutt and have been using it ever since. I ended up abandoning using two email clients and used mutt exclusively. That way I had just one address book. There is no decent remote address book protocol. LDAP is too complex for this sort of task and isn’t fun to write to. Most LDAP servers are configured not to allow clients to write to them either.

Anyhow I decided to try out some new email clients. I’ve been toying with Thunderbird and Evolution. So far I like Evolution a little better mostly because it feels faster to me. In an effort to immerse myself in Evolution I tried to use it at work on Windows. I got it to run thanks for the MSI package that has been made for it. I could not get it to work with Exchange though. It worked with exchange when used from Linux but not from Windows. When I tried to authenticate it didn’t generate any network activity. I spent far longer than I should have playing with it and abandoned using it with Exchange.

Next I tried to use the calendaring aspect of it. I’m a long time user of Sunbird and use webdav over SSL with Basic Auth to keep a remote calendar. I tried to get Evolution to read the calendar I have on my server but I failed. I also tried this from Linux and I couldn’t get it to work. I haven’t given up yet but I do need to do some looking.

If I can get remote calendaring to work I’ll probably switch over to evolution completely.

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