Intel 915GM troubles

I own a shuttle SD11G5 silent PC. It has a Pentium-M chip and uses the Intel 915GM and ICH6 chipsets. I recently noticed that DRI wasn’t working (it’s amazing what you learn when you read log files). DRI was being disabled by the version of xorg that I was running because the kernel dri module wasn’t new enough. I decided to upgrade my kernel to fix the problem.

I’ve been using 2.6.15 with a little PCI ID hack to get my sound card working. I decided to try a late version of 2.6.17 as that was the latest at the time. With that kernel the i810 driver for xorg barfs with the error:

(EE) I810(0): unknown type(0xffffffff)=0xff

I haven’t yet looked at the source to figure out exactly what this is all about. I did try 2.6.18 today as well as a late 2.6.16 for good measure. Both have the same issue for me and xorg will NOT start. With 2.6.15 X starts but without DRI.

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