Ahhh, dri on my SD11G5

I have a Shuttle SD11G5 silent PC that I’ve been using for at least 8 months now. I run it diskless and use Debian “unstable.” I recently played a DVD and performance was horrible. I read through /var/log/Xorg.0.log and found that DRI wasn’t working. I had a new (ish) version of xorg and my kernel modules were out of date. So I downloaded the latest kernel, built it, and X would not start.

The i810 driver for Xorg was complaining about “unknown type(0xffffffff)” and aborting. I tried multiple different kernel versions and each one failed. Last night a new version of 915resolution was released in the unstable branch for debian. 915resolution is a hack that allows you to use a native resolution for an LCD monitor instead of haveing xorg use a virtual resolution. The new release contains an “auto” mode that chooses a mode for you. I decided to try the new auto mode. When my test kernels booted the automode would fail giving an error about “vm86.” Luckily I remembered that vm86 is a kernel option that is used for things like dosemu to work correctly. If you use an i810 or i915 (and related) you must have vm86 built. Xorg fails without this.

It took a while but now I have DRI goodness once again.

So, to you i915 users out there be sure to compile use intel-agp, agpgart, drm, and i915 kernel drivers. And be absolutely certain to build vm86! I ought to email the i810 xorg developers to recommend a change to the log message and/or documentation to help other people that end up in my situation.

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