Tcl-Dox 0.5 released

Based on feedback from a few users I’ve released a new version of Tcl-Dox. Changes and fixes include:

  • Correct handling of end-of-line on UNIX and Windows now.
  • Vastly improved documentation including examples
  • Corrected errors in the README file
  • Corrected errors in the example Doxyfile
  • Corrected build warnings (fixing a potential issue on 64 bit machines)

Thank you to the users who wrote with suggestions, questions, and feedback.

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2 Responses to Tcl-Dox 0.5 released

  1. vincent00 says:

    I downloaded it and got “Error reading header after processing o entries.” from WinZip on
    Windows XP and “tar: directory checksum error” on UNIX (Solaris 8).

  2. greg says:

    I just downloaded it to a Windows machine and unpacked it using tar from cygwin. I also tested unpacking it on a Linux machine. Both worked fine. Try using GNU tar in conjunction with GNU unzip. Or possibly your copy is corrupted?

    If all else fails the package is available unpacked on the website at


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