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Working around mytharchive issues

Mytharchive is written to assume that the backend and the frontend machine are the same. To work around this I do the following: Use a frontend to select recordings for export. I specify the output to be an iso image. … Continue reading

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Major instability

The other night I switched my my Via M10000 based frontend to use the Retro MythTV theme (after I had learned that msttcorefonts is required for this theme). I also enabled OpenGL. Everything seemed OK, I even watched a recording … Continue reading

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Mytharchive, UGH!

The mytharchive plugin for mythtv is supposed to make exporting data from MythTV easy. My experience with mytharchive is not favorable. First, the GUI is very unintuitive. That’s partly because the GUI is not expected to have a mouse and … Continue reading

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Retro theme NEEDS msttcorefonts

If you attempt to use the Retro theme for MythTV and you do not have msttcorefonts installed you will have no menu text. The debian-multimedia packages for this theme suggest msttcorefonts but they should be a dependency.

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Win32 is STUPID

I would like to tear apart the CreateService function call. It takes “only” 13 parameters. Here is some code I just wrote: svc = CreateService(scm, SERVICE_NAME, SERVICE_NAME, SC_MANAGER_CREATE_SERVICE, SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS, SERVICE_DEMAND_START, // for now require manual // starting. SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL, binPath, // … Continue reading

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