Mytharchive, UGH!

The mytharchive plugin for mythtv is supposed to make exporting data from MythTV easy. My experience with mytharchive is not favorable. First, the GUI is very unintuitive. That’s partly because the GUI is not expected to have a mouse and designing a decent GUI for cursor controls isn’t easy. However, this GUI is just plain hard to use.

When I finally got to the point of creating a DVD mytharchive errored out. After looking at the source code for a while I found that it was because MythArchive wanted a value for ‘RecordFilePrefix’. That setting applies to the backend and tells myth where to store files. This was a big red flag because it meant that mytharchive expects files to be present to the local system. My myth frontends do NOT reside on the same machine as the backend. Ugh #1.

To resolve Ugh #1 I nfs mounted /var/lib/mythtv. I then inserted a ‘RecordFilePrefix’ to the settings table of the mythconverg database for the frontend that I was working with. That got me past the first problem.

Finally the DVD creation process started. It started and promptly stopped with a new error. This time it errored out because it couldn’t run mythtranscode which, again, exists on the backend and not on the frontend. At this point I had to give up all hope of running Mytharchive on the frontend.

My current approach is a nasty hack to get to run on the backend by messing around in the settings database until all of the incorrect assumptions made in the code are satisfied.

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