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Evolution and the Global Address List

At work I generally use Windows XP. For a recent project I needed to use a full blown Fedora installation. I would have preferred to use Debian but it wasn’t my choice. I tried using Evolution at home but I … Continue reading

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Who needs Caps Lock? Not emacs users…

I’m an emacs user, there I said it. As an emacs user I use the ctrl key a lot. I don’t know the history of it all but at some point someone decided it would be a good idea to … Continue reading

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There's no recycle bin

Gnome and KDE implement a recyle bin for the innevitable times when you delete something on accident. I feel more comfortable using a command line shell and so when I make these mistakes it hurts…a lot. Last week I deleted … Continue reading

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Myth and HDTV3000 issues

I can’t figure out why yet but my PCHDTV 3000 card stops working.  I suspect it’s the cx88 or related modules because I can get the system working again by removing the modules and then inserting them again.  Twice I’ve … Continue reading

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