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You need all 8 wires fool

I’ve been a bit disappointed with the performance of my system for a while. I run an sd11g5 from shuttle which is a Pentium M based machine. I run it diskless. I read the NFS howto and decided to try … Continue reading

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OpenVPN Part I

For a long time I’ve had OpenVPN on my todo list. My wife’s primary computer is a laptop running Debian and it would be nice to VPN into the home wired subnet from the home wireless subnet. For my router … Continue reading

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MythTV crash uncovered

Last night I upgraded my custom built 2.6.17 kernel to the Debian built 2.6.18 kernel.  I had to do this because I run XFS and I was getting directory corruption.  This is a known bug in 2.6.17 that I covered … Continue reading

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Using sizeof in a smart way

It seems that very few people comprehend how powerful C and C++’s sizeof operator really is. People insist on using sizeof on typenames. Folks, you don’t have to do that! Typical code: struct foo *f = malloc(sizeof(struct foo)); The way … Continue reading

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Bitten by the XFS bug

On my MythTV backend machine I run XFS file systems. Not too long ago I updated the system in an effort to finally start using the HDTV tuner card that I purchased a year prior. At that time the ivtv … Continue reading

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