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WebSVN 2.0

Today I installed WebSVN 2.0. I’m pretty impressed. It’s a very fast and useful web based tool for browsing subversion repositories. It’s so fast that I’m questioning why Tortoise is as slow as it is. This is the first version … Continue reading

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Still Impressed with Schedules Direct

Today I paid my $15 to Schedules Direct.  That gives me three months access to their TV listing data which I use for MythTV.  The offer a free 1 week trial that I signed up for not too long ago.  … Continue reading

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Debian, MythTV, Schedules Direct

Today I setup a trial account with Schedules Direct and configured my MythTV backend to use my lineups from Schedules Direct.  It went very smoothly.  The steps were: Create an account with Schedules Direct.  They offer free 1 week trials.  … Continue reading

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Auto Remounting with Apt

On most of my Internet facing Linux systems I have /tmp as a separate file system. I do this primarily so that I can set noexec and nosuid on the file system. While that won’t stop a real intruder it … Continue reading

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Regenerating Large Mailman Archives

In the fall of 2005 a server that I operated was broken into. The perpetrators defaced every index.* file on the system including those in the archives of a mailing list that I’ve run since December of 2005. Recently it … Continue reading

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My Google Interview Experience

Earlier this year a friend of mine asked if he could give my email address and/or resume to recruiters at Google. Google set aside half of a day for engineers to look for resumes and contact friends who might be … Continue reading

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