WebSVN 2.0

Today I installed WebSVN 2.0. I’m pretty impressed. It’s a very fast and useful web based tool for browsing subversion repositories. It’s so fast that I’m questioning why Tortoise is as slow as it is.

This is the first version that I was able to install due to security reasons. Previous versions effectively bypassed authorization settings because WebSVN would run as the web server user account. This version of WebSVN reads and honors authz files. All you need to do is configure Apache to authenticate users the same way as you would for SVN and tell WebSVN where your authz file is. This version also has a lot of usability improvements (no more tedious scrolling!) as well as a much improved look.

The stuff I like the most (so far):

  • New look
  • Honors authorization file
  • No more scrolling when digging in a deep directory tree!
  • Web based blame
  • Web based diff
  • Syntax highlighting via enscript
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