I don’t update this blog often enough.  I should because it’s really not that hard to write a post (WordPress is excellent) but it still seems to be inconvenient enough that I don’t post when I have something worthwhile to say.  I’m not saying that I have something worthwhile to say very often (this sentence is proof of itself). 

This week I came across a post on digg showcasing a number of blog editors.  I had looked into off-line blog editors on Linux and Windows not too long ago but I was not very impressed with what I saw.  This time I saw ScribeFire which is a firefox add-on.

I’m not usually wild about software that is implemented as add-ons or plugins for other software but in this case I think I’m ok with it.  Blogging is web oriented so embedding a blog editor in firefox could be justified.  Still I think I’d prefer it to be a standalone app especially since ScribeFire has add-ons of its own as well as themes. 

Time will tell if I continue to use this software or not but it looks very promising.

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