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Sync Kolab

Sync Kolab is an add-on for Thunderbird that synchronizes your address book as well as calendar data. The calendar features are optional and only available if you use the Lightning add-on (I do not). You can store your address book … Continue reading

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Creating a Certificate With Multiple Hostnames

Multiple Names on One Certificate While it is not possible without TLS extensions to serve different certificates for a single IP (See here on how to setup apache on Debian for TLS extensions.) it is possible to have a single … Continue reading

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New tcl-dox Released

A new version of tcl-dox has been released. It fixes a bug in the handling of comments inside proc bodies. Special thanks to Michele Joyce for reporting the bug. The latest version is 0.7.

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SPDIF with VIA M10000 and MythTV

This spring I finally bought a modern receiver. My new receiver, like nearly all modern receivers, has multiple digital inputs. My Myth frontend machine is based on a VIA M10000 board which has a SPDIF (digital) output. There are a … Continue reading

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