New tcl-dox Released

A new version of tcl-dox has been released. It fixes a bug in the handling of comments inside proc bodies. Special thanks to Michele Joyce for reporting the bug. The latest version is 0.7.

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3 Responses to New tcl-dox Released

  1. spenney says:

    Your readme says that flex is needed but makes no mention of bison. I installed flex with cygwin and had no luck building. I finally saw bison at some point in my googles. At anyrate, for people like me who don’t compile software it couldn’t hurt to add that bison is also required to the README.

    Just my two cents as someone who doesn’t navigate the unix world to easily.

    Looking forward to documenting!

  2. greg says:

    Bison isn’t required. Only flex is. Bison is never called when building tcl-dox.

    I hope tcl-dox works well for you. The 0.8.x versions have some pretty serious issues. The 0.7 version is probably the best version to use for most people. I’m hoping to rework tcl-dox significantly to much more reliable and easier to extend.

    Please don’t hesitate to email me if you run into problems.

  3. spenney says:

    That’s odd, I wasn’t able to make the executable with flex (on cygwin). I installed Bison and it went through. Regardless, it seems to be working fine for me now. I’ll send any further questions I have through email. Hopefully you won’t hear any more questions from me!



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