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When rpc.statd Hangs

It seems that every time I setup a diskless Linux machine I run into the same problem — nfs mounts hang. I’m not talking about the root filesystem. That mounts fine but other mount points result in mount hanging. Then … Continue reading

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Shuttle SD11G5 Not Fast Enough for 720p

I’ve had an excellent setup using MythTV and a VIA M10000 based system. The M10000 is the frontend which has a 1Ghz VIA chip and onboard hardware support for mpeg2 decoding. When watching TV shows that I recorded using an … Continue reading

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Placing Packages On Hold

Sometimes you need to update packages on a Debian based system but you don’t want to updated all of them. For example there are security updates available right now for a system I manage. One of those updates is the … Continue reading

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