Motorola Droid, Day 1

I’ve been using the same phone for about 4 years. I hate talking on the phone. What drove me to buying a droid, on opening day none the less, was the prospect of having a powerful “internet in my pocket” computer. The fact that it has a telphony app is cool but secondary. What follows is a quick brain dump of my first day with the gadget

  • The screen is incredible! Bright, crisp, high resolution.
  • The keyboard is very easy for me to use and I was surprised to see that it was back lit. In hind sight the keyboard would have to be back lit or else you couldn’t be thoroughly annoying at the movie theater.
  • I was slightly annoyed that I had to use a gmail account to access Android market but whatever… I played around with a couple of cool little free apps. I put a weather widget on my home screen.
  • The facebook tools (can) sync with your contact list. If the facebook name matches your contact name their facebook photo ends up on your phone. I think it syncs other contact info too but I’m not sure.
  • I setup access to my work email (exchange) in about three seconds. The corporate calendar thingy works as does the corporate email thingy.
  • On my way home from work last night I used the turn-by-turn Google Map navigation GPS dealy and it worked very well. I even used the voice search. I said “navigate to Applebees in gates.” …And that worked!
  • It’s slow when it’s not in 3g mode and I haven’t used it on WIFI yet. I haven’t used the web browser much yet and kind of hope I rarely do. Specialized apps are much better.
  • I installed a Pandora and a app (both free). That was slick. I fired up Pandora and out blasted metal from my phone.
  • The charger is cool. It’s a tiny wall wart with a USB recepticle! They give you a USB cable that you could use to attach the phone to a PC or to the wall wart.

There is a ton left to explore but I do not yet have buyer’s remorse.

What I’d really like is to sync the calendar with an iCal based calendar.  I’ve been using WebCalendar for a long time.  While I have many gripes about WebCalendar it does what I need it to do and I’m loathe to switch to using Google Calendars.  I’m more apt to write my own calendar app than use Google Calendar.

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