FTDI USB to Serial Linux Driver

If you are like me you work with the FTDI brand of USB to serial converter chips frequently. These chips are incredibly useful and thus are utilized in many different products. I recently had the situation where I had a slightly outdated ftdi-sio driver but a new (ish) FTDI chip. I found a workaround here.

There are two parameters, vendor, and product that you can pass to the driver to allow it to communicate with a chip that has customized product and vendor codes. You can find the product and vendor codes using `lsusb` and you can pass the parameters using modprobe (`modprobe ftdi-sio vendor=0x1b3d product=0x0157`). You could put “ftdi-sio vendor=0x1b3d product=0x0157” inside ‘/etc/modules’ if you wanted to automate the process a bit. Don’t forget to prefix your product and vendor codes with 0x!

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2 Responses to FTDI USB to Serial Linux Driver

  1. Kees says:

    It’s ftdi_sio, not ftdi-sio.

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