TCL filter for Doxygen

I wrote a filter that translates TCL code into something that sort of resembles C code. I wrote the filter so that you can use Doxygen on TCL code. I wrote it with the intention of it being used at work. I spent a very small amount of company time working on it. Most of the development time was while I was travelling for work while on planes and while waiting for planes. My employer, Impact Technologies was kind enough to allow me to release the code under the GPL license.

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4 Responses to TCL filter for Doxygen

  1. ClubberLang says:

    Thanks for releasing this TCL filter for Doxygen. I installed it on my windows system and use cygwin to run it. I am having a little trouble viewing any output in the HTML/RTF, although I am a little new to Doxygen. Do you have an example TCL code (with comments) and Doxyfile that I can use as reference for my TCL scripts?

  2. greg says:

    I’ve made a few fixes to the filter. I’ll provide better examples in my next release. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply, I’ve been on vacation for almost the past two weeks.

  3. gzins says:

    Thanks for this TCL filter. I made some test, but it does not work on my code, probably because it does not follows programming rules the filter expects. Could you please give an example TCL code. Thanks in advance.

  4. greg says:


    I just released a new version of tcl-dox. It includes much better examples. In fact the examples were incorrect in 0.4. The Doxyfile in 0.4 is useless (my fault!). I also a serious bug that prevented operation on UNIX systems. You can get the new version at If you need further assistance don’t hesitate to ask.

    The new version also includes two tcl files that shows the type of input that tcl-dox is expecting.

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